Production Assistant


Re-launched in 2019, the Disney General Entertainment Content (DGE) PA Program is a candidate pipeline that connects production assistants to opportunities on Disney’s scripted series. We partner with and sponsor specific community organizations around LA and the U.S. to find/source production assistant talent. Participants in the PA Program have been placed as Office, Set, Writers, Costume/Wardrobe, Post, and Camera PAs on series such as STATION 19, BUNK’D, DAVE, MOTHERLAND, and more.


The Disney General Entertainment Content (DGE) PA Program is an annual pipeline that connects candidates to production assistant opportunities on DGE scripted series. Participants are placed in a “candidate pool” where they will be eligible for consideration and placement on a DGE show for the length of the production. Talent is nominated by sponsored community organizations in the Los Angeles area. In 2021, the PA Program will expand its reach to DGE productions in Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, and Canada.


We partner with five Los Angeles based organizations who provide set/production training and professional development to the PAs prior to their inclusion in the program: Evolve Entertainment Fund, Manifest Works, Academy Gold, Ghetto Film School, and LA City College. In 2021, we are expanding our reach, and will sponsor organizations in Atlanta, Chicago, NYC, and Canada, to provide on-set opportunities to PA talent in those areas.


To be considered for the PA Program, talent must be affiliated with, or an alumnus of, the sponsored community organizations.