Writing Program

  • Q If I don't work or live in the United States, am I eligible to apply to the Writing Program?

    A Yes. However, due to the nature of the program, we are unable to sponsor individuals for United States work visas to participate in the program. To be eligible, an applicant must possess and present evidence of identity and United States employment eligibility (valid for the duration of the program) as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, as amended.

  • Q If I work for Disney | ABC Television Group or any subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, am I eligible to apply?

    A Yes. The Writing Program is open to employees of The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries.

  • Q Do you have to be a member of the Writers Guild of America (WGA)?

    A No.

  • Q How old do you have to be to apply?

    A You must be at least 21 to apply to the program.

  • Q Is there an application fee?

    A No.

  • Q Do you need to have professional writing or production experience to apply?

    A You do not need to have professional writing or production experience. However, past participants who entered the program with television production experience (e.g. writers’ assistant, script coordinator, etc.) have found that knowledge helpful.

  • Q Must I submit a résumé even if I have not worked as a professional writer?

    A Yes. All applicants must submit a chronological employment résumé. Only list jobs or positions where compensation was received with the exception of entertainment industry internships and full-time volunteer work at non-profits. Positions must have been held within the past 15 years and may include entertainment and non-entertainment positions (two (2) pages or less). Applications that do not include a résumé will be disqualified.

  • Q Must I include a letter of recommendation with my application?

    ALetters of recommendation from entertainment industry professionals who have read the applicant’s material and can comment on the applicant’s ability are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. This would include network, studio and production company executives, writer/producers, episodic and feature directors, and educators (e.g., professors or writing instructors) who have entertainment industry experience and/or produced credits. Letters from representatives (e.g., agents, managers or attorneys) will not be accepted. Letters must be on letterhead and dated in the current calendar year. It is recommended that those signing recommendation letters include either a title or a brief introduction indicating who they are. A maximum of two (2) letters of recommendation may accompany each submission. Any letters of recommendation sent separately from the applicant’s submission will not be counted towards the application and will be discarded.

  • Q If I want to include a letter of recommendation, who should I list for the salutation?

    A Letters of recommendation may be addressed to "Disney-ABC Writing Program".

  • QDo writing teams turn in two letters of recommendation total or can each partner submit two letters each?

    A Writing teams should submit no more than two (2) letters of recommendation total from entertainment industry professionals who can attest to the writing of the team and not as individual writers.

  • Q What if I send you my application and I realize that I have left out one or more of the required elements?

    AUnfortunately, your application cannot be updated once it is received. All elements must be submitted together. If you have left out a required element, you may re-submit a full and complete application as long as it is postmarked by the submission deadline.

  • QCan I upload my materials on a flash-drive instead of a CD?

    A No. Per the instructions, a CD is required. Any applicants submitting a flash drive will be disqualified.

  • Q Does my application need to be postmarked or received by the deadline date?

    A Your application must be postmarked no later than 11:59pm of the deadline date.  Applications postmarked prior to the application start date or later than the application deadline date will be disqualified and destroyed.  

  • Q Must I send my submission and application by registered or overnight mail?

    A No. You are not required to send your submission through registered or overnight mail. For tracking and delivery confirmation, you may wish to use these services. We will not confirm receipt of an application due to the high volume of submissions received.

  • Q Could I hand deliver my application and materials?

    A No.

  • Q Do all members of a writing team need to file individual applications?

    AYes. Each partner must complete a separate application (i.e., item #3 in the Requirements section) and submit one application package that includes both applications, one copy of the writing team’s original pilot script and spec script, and all other required items set forth in the Requirements section.

  • Q What would be appropriate writing samples?

    ASubmissions to the Writing Program must include TWO writing samples: 1) an original pilot script that captures your unique tone, style and point of view, and 2) a spec script for a broadcast, cable, or streaming series (e.g., Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) airing during the current television season. We advise you to select a series that is well-established and at least in its second season. The timeline for your spec must reflect the series’ current timeline. This second sample should demonstrate your ability to adapt to an existing format while at the same time infusing your unique point of view and sensibility. Both samples MUST be live-action content. We do not accept animation samples.

  • Q Does my spec script have to be based on a Disney│ABC Television series?

    A No. However, we suggest you select a series that tonally reflects the type of programming broadcast on Disney│ABC.

  • QCan I submit a spec on a recently canceled series?

    A Yes, as long as the recently canceled series aired during the current television season.

  • Q Can I submit a feature or play as an original pilot script?

    A No.

  • Q Can I submit more than one spec script?

    A No. 

  • Q Can I submit a comedy spec and an original drama pilot or vice-versa?

    A No. If you are a comedy writer, you need to submit a comedy spec and an original comedy pilot. If you are a drama writer, you need to submit a drama spec and an original drama pilot. 

  • Q Can I submit a script that I previously provided to the program?

    A Yes, but submitting new material will better reflect a writer’s progress.

  • QCan an individual applicant submit material that was written with a partner?

    A No. Individual applicants must be the sole writer of submitted material.

  • Q Do I have to submit a release form for both the original pilot script and spec script?

    A Yes, using one release form that covers both the original pilot script (Exhibit A) and the spec script (Exhibit B). The release form is attached to the application and is accessible during the submission period.

  • Q Do my writing samples have to be in any particular format?

    A Yes. Scripts must be presented in the standard, industry-accepted format for the type of script being submitted. Formatting guidelines can be found in various publications.

  • QWhat would be the appropriate page-length for my spec and original scripts?

    A Script formats vary by series. We encourage you to research the proper format for your submission.

  • Q Can Disney│ABC Television Group be able to provide me with sample scripts to review?

    A No. For legal reasons, we are unable to accommodate this request.

  • Q Who owns the rights to the materials that I submit with my application for the Writing Program and/or materials that I previously created?

    AYou will retain ownership of material. However, if you are selected as a participant, any material written by you prior to the term of the Writing Program and currently controlled and/or owned by you must be disclosed in writing. ABC Studios shall have an "Exclusive First Look" for such material, whereby, ABC Studios shall have the exclusive option to purchase such material from you in accordance with the policies and terms outlined in the Writing Program Contract.

  • Q Who will review my submission?

    A Professional readers, DATG executives and producers from series airing on ABC, ABC Family, and Disney Channel.  

  • Q Will I be able to receive feedback on my submission?

    A No. Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to provide feedback.

  • Q When will I be informed of my application status with the Writing Program?

    A Due to the volume of the applications, those not accepted will not be notified. Please check our Facebook page for announcements regarding individuals accepted to the Writing Program.

  • Q Will my submission be returned? What happens after submissions are reviewed?

    A No, submissions will not be returned.  All submitted material that is not selected for the program will be securely destroyed.

  • QIf I’m selected as a finalist to participate in the in-person interviews and do not live in Los Angeles, will Disney│ABC pay for my travel and accommodation expenses?

    A No.

  • Q When does the Writing Program begin?

    A Writers typically begin the program in February; however, the schedule is subject to change.

  • Q Is the Writing Program full-time employment?

    A Yes. Writers become employees of Disney|ABC Television Group and will be paid a weekly salary of $961.54 ($50,000.00 annualized) plus any applicable benefits for which they are eligible in accordance with the then-current Company benefits plans. If a writing team is accepted to the program, each partner will be paid the aforementioned weekly salary plus any applicable benefits. Writers may not hold a position or secure employment with any competitive entity during the program period. Writers also may not be enrolled in school during the program period.

  • Q If selected for the Writing Program, will I be guaranteed a job as a staff writer?

    A No.

  • Q How many writers are selected each year?

    A The number of writers hired varies.

  • Q Must I reside in Los Angeles to participate in the Writing Program?

    A Yes.

  • Q If selected for the Writing Program and I do not live in Los Angeles, will Disney│ABC pay for my relocation expenses?

    A No.

  • Q Is there an East Coast version of this program?

    A No.